We help companies to manage inventory in less time for less money while providing safer environment

We speed up and cut costs in production and logistic companies' inventory magament.

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The problem that we can solve together

In most production and logistics companies' warehouses, inventory mangement requires a lot of manual work due to lack of digitalization. Ironically, optimization of staff, work hours, and machines do not resolve rapid market changes or constant high demand for companies, but it is the only way companies can stay on top of the market.

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Labour shortage

Companies struggling to hire forklift drivers. Hard-to-find forklift drivers are required for the current process, instead of managing the physical flow.

Inaccurate data

In big volume there is a difference between the inventory data and real physical stock.

Unsafe process

People are lifted up in a cage with a forklift, while they are doing very monotonous tasks.


Upgrade your inventory management with cost-efficient, quick drones

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Aeriu is a drone software company that helps warehouses speed up and reduce costs in their inventory management. Aeriu's solution is easily scalable all around the globe and requires only a few days for its rollout.

Take the benefits of our service

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Gives up to 2 FTE in an annual basis

You get better stock accuracy using the system which lowers the number of unhappy customers

You can implement an inventory management process that is five times faster compared to common used methods

Our product saves energy that comes from the better usage of forklifts and energy efficient drones

It increases the quality of the whole process which results in higher customer satisfaction and enables much more prompt safety checks

Barcode scanning

We can read all the 2D and 3D codes you already use. We minimize the time and energy spent on barcode scanning.


We can integrate our solution into your existing system. We break down the walls of incompatibility.


Our mission is to develop smart drones that can capture the whole shelf automatically. Be part of the innovation!

What we can achieve together

Safer work environment Frequent and accurate inventory data

Up to date information about your inventory

Attractive work environment

Traceable inventory state (Archive function)

No one is lifted up