S.E.G.A. Hungary

S.E.G.A. Hungary

Benefits working with Aeriu

About SEG Automotive

Starters E-Component Generators Automotive, aka S.E.G.A. Hungary, develops and produces high-quality powertrain components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide. It employs around 6,000 employees in 14 countries. The Hungarian location of SEG Automotive is a development and manufacturing subsidiary of nearly 50,000 m² out of which the logistic center is roughly 25,000 m². 

Challenges and Goals 

SEG Automotive puts a big emphasis on innovation to continuously optimize its processes throughout its whole operation. It also has strict policies to protect employees' health and safety. 

  • The company policy doesn’t allow people to be moved sideways while they are lifted on forklifts. This means workflows involving such activities take much longer. 

  • They wanted to optimize costs on overall operations, including inventory checking. 

  • They wanted to review and further improve their warehouse processes. 

  • They wanted to enable the warehouse operations to serve production in the best way possible. 

Imola Osváth, Project Manager at S.E.G.A. Hungary said: “In the previous years, more than 200 people had to take part in the whole inventory process. And we had to rent additional devices, for example, forklifts too. In order to be able to finish the stocktaking process in three days.” 


S.E.G.A. Hungary decided to implement Aeriu’s Warehouse Drone solution to tackle its inventory checking challenges and goals. Their team reviewed the solution to make sure it meets the highest standards, that it can be easily implemented into existing processes and workflows, and that it works seamlessly with their Warehouse Management System (WMS). They decided to purchase 4+1 drones (one for backup) from Aeriu. These drones are stock DJI drones priced very competitively while providing outstanding flight time. 


S.E.G.A. Hungary had multiple test inventory checks, during which they involved one of the Big 4 auditors to approve the solution. “We wanted to prepare a document that contains all important information and is as simple as possible. Keeping this in mind, the content and format of the inventory document have evolved over the course of the testing rounds. The final format was achieved during the official trial inventory, on which occasion the representative of the auditing company was also present. She gave us positive feedback on the new technology and also validated the documentation.” said Imola Osváth. 

Aeriu provides well-tested training for the drone pilots. “There was a two-day training for the pilot candidates. At first, we had a theoretical education about the basics of aerodynamics, how drones work, and what laws and regulations are related to using them. In the first afternoon, we could also try to assemble the drones and learn the basics of controlling them. The next day, we practiced more complex movements. We also went out into the storage to experience how the actual work would happen.” Bence Kós, a Drone Pilot from S.E.G.A. Hungary. 

Gábor Veres, Logistics Group Leader at S.E.G.A. Hungary, had a huge part in the implementation of Aeriu. “We found common ground very quickly. I have met excellent professionals, and I thank them very much for their great flexibility. Our main expectation was to reduce health and safety risks and, at the same time, increase efficiency. And of course, reduce inventory costs. During 4 months of testing, better and better results were obtained. Which gave us great confidence in the planning of the inventory.” 

During the implementation, Aeriu helped calibrate the lighting conditions and internet connectivity in the warehouse. Aeriu also had to find an ideal base for drones where they could be charged without losing much time getting around in the warehouse. 


Our inventory process has become faster, more precise, and more cost-effective, and it needs fewer human resources and fewer tools.” said László Fánya, Logistics Director at S.E.G.A. Hungary. 

Gábor Veres also highlighted the safety and resource points of view that he was in charge of improving. “We have made great progress at the company. For example, minimizing the number of human lifts. We had to purchase 80% less technical equipment for the inventory and could reduce the number of people involved in the inventory process by 35%.  

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that people get excited about working with drones. Many of the warehouse workers volunteer to become drone pilots, and they find it very easy and intuitive to work with them. 

“It's a great way of turning work into a fun activity. Controlling the drone is an activity that requires responsibility, however it's not a hard thing to learn. The tasks regarding the inventory are also clear and simple," said Bence Kós. 

During the implementation of Aeriu, S.E.G.A. Hungary’s Logistic Team also reviewed and upgraded processes around inventory checking. They managed to make it leaner and even digitize certain steps, eliminating the possibility of human error. 

This is true that the new method required more preparation, but the number of people involved in the inventory was significantly reduced, making it easier to coordinate the existing staff at the time of the stocktaking. It also minimized errors, such as miss-writing, that occurred during the human inventory process, and thus the number of corrections needed later on to validate the documentation.” said Imola Osváth. 

S.E.G.A. Hungary also managed to move certain workflow steps from the warehouse to the office. They can review the inventory check outcome in the Aeriu Cloud, which they can access even remotely.